Online-orDrumbox drum machine: detailled features

Where is online-ordrumbox ?

Online orDrumbox

What is online-ordrumbox ?

The online drum machine, OrDrumbox, offers a variety of presets, including 16 demo patterns and 5 drum kits categorized as acoustic, vintage, and electronic, along with various fun sounds. With its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly create and customize your own beats using counter triggers, repeat controls, and LFO modulators. In addition, the drum machine provides classic controls such as pitch, volume, and panning adjustments, which can be applied per note or per track.

One notable feature of Online-OrDrumbox is the ability to save your work and re-import it within the web application, allowing for easy access and continued editing. Furthermore, the drum machine offers an export function that allows you to save your session in WAV format, providing flexibility for sharing or further processing your compositions.


ordrumbox : online drum machine complete screen