Online Drum Machine Software

Detailed Features

Pattern oriented

You can create songs by assembling various patterns. It's up to you to determine the number of bars in each pattern (from 1 to 24). You can also choose the number of steps per bar (from 1 to 24). This will allow a polyrythm capability. One loop point can be added at the bar/step you want, independently on each track.
Each pattern is composed of tracks. Each track is assigned to one sample. The tracks/sounds can be pitched and mixed and panoramized, and solo/muted with the interface.
Each track is composed of notes, one or more notes by beat (allowing chords). On each note, you can independently control pitch (in semitones) and volume.

Automatic composition

On each track you can use either an automatic fill engine or a random engine. This way you can add melodic scales and semi-random notes to make the orDrumbox compose rhythmic and melodic patterns under your control.
It's designed for creativity.
You only have to define some rules and the orDrumbox is going to generate beat variations and melodic lines using used designed scales. Some minor/major and more scales are pre-defined to help you with this feature see the arpeggiator window. Some notes can be scale notes (whith 'automatic pitch' inside a designed scale).

Drum Kits

You can import, create, modify and save drum kits. It's a "sound library" in one single file.
You can import your own sound files and use them as instruments with the orDrumbox.
Use any standard WAV files (even in 24 or 32 bits) for drum samples, so you can easily add your own ones.
The import tool can control gate and pitch, can add a BP/LP filter, and can automaticly import and assign all the wave files in a zip file or in a directory in one single click

Automatic sound assignations

The orDrumbox use Natural Language Processing for matching sounds to tracks and to "categorize" sounds.
Just name a track with a "standard like" name of instrument (i.e: "electric bass 1" or just "bd" ) and the orDrumbox will assign it to the nearest instrument available in the current drum kit.

Soft Synth

A soft synth with available and can generate sounds unsing an analog synth emulation : two VCO generator, FM modulation, enveloppe ADSR controler, low pass / hi pass filters.


You can assemble patterns in a song . A song is a matrix of patterns, so you can eventually play some patterns simultaneously.


The orDrumbox generates and exports songs and individual patterns in 16 bits /44 Khz/stereo sounds CD-quality, so you can re-use them in any other sound application.
Your songs are loaded and saved in a XML format with the .orsg extension.


A midi importation/exportation is available, so you can import midi files or export your songs as midi file.
orDrumbox can play in midi mode using an internal GMkit.
orDrumbox can send midi message to any midi device connected to your computer.
orDrumbox can recieve midi message to any midi device connected to your computer.

Audio Mixer/ FX

A audio mixer is available, you can control pitch, volume, pano and solo/mute each track in the same interface.
Some audio effects are available independendly for each track : echo (beat synchronized) and a 24 bits filter (BP and LP).
A volume control and compressor is available for the mix.