Online Drum Machine Software

The orDrumbox exports songs and loops as wav cd-quality (16bits stereo) file. In this page, the samples are compressed in ogg format and mp3 format.

Those loops were created with the orDrumbox using the function export pattern as wav file in the pattern menu.

You can download the loops by clicking on the link beside the player

All this drum loops in this page are drum pattern use ordrumbox drumkits

You can hear how the ordrumbox really sound and do the same on your own computer using ordrumbox.More than 50 drum patterns are available in the demo song: using the ordrumbox as desktop application, you can export them as drumloops. You can also export your own loops using the same function: export pattern as wav file in the pattern menu.

Complete song Jazz

Classic blues - tempo 80 BPM 428 Ko whith the accoustic drum kit


Auto-generated patterns with arpeggiator, this is a sample of the auto-generate pattern function

Shuffle pattern

In the song Misc Shuffle pattern - tempo 110 BPM

Ragga pattern

In the song Misc Ragga pattern - tempo 110 BPM

Jazz A7D7 pattern

In the song Jazz A7D7 pattern - tempo 80 BPM

Bossa pattern

In the song Bossa Bossa pattern - tempo 120 BPM 16 Ko

Acid pop pattern

In the song Acid Pop Pop pattern - tempo 120 BPM 20 Ko

Computer Funk pattern

In the demo song Computer Funk - tempo 130 BPM 20 Ko with the vintage drum kit.

Auto-generated pattern

Auto-generated This is a auto-composed song using the "auto variation" function.

The drum kit is a random drum kit downloaded from the internet with the Net menu 650 Ko