Download drum kits to play with the ordrumbox.

A drum kit is an assorted samples collection of drums, kick, snare, hi-hat, cymbals and other percussion instruments. Thoses samples are packed in a single file with the extension ordk (or

You just have to download in your local disk. So you can import a drumkit with the menu drumkit/load drumkit in the ordrumbox desktop application. You can play the same song or pattern with various drum kits just using the load drumkit function.

Electro Drum Kit

Electronic drum kit samples. Ready to make some techno-electro music. (~100 ko)

Percussion Drum Kit

A drumkit that sound like percussions.

Jungle Drum Kit

This is a kit of jungle sounds..

TR-808 like

This kit sound like the classic Roland Drum Machine TR 808 with a bass sound and somes electronic effects, that you can use as saw, brass or melodic electronics toms. Ready to make vintage sounds.

Accoustic Drum Kit

Assorted instruments for realistic rendering. This drumkit is sampled from instruments.

Classic Techno Drum Kit

Assorted instruments for classic techno.

Classic Techno Drum Kit

Assorted instruments for electro.

8-Bits Drum Kit

Assorted instruments sample from 8 bits old computer.

Sound Effect Drum Kit

Mini Drumkit with sound effect samples.

Old Stuff

Old Drumkit

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