win  Download Windows Installer

This installer contains demo songs and drum kits sounds.
To uninstall, use the "uninstall orDrumbox" item menu in the "ordrumbox" item menu in the windows start menu. This will remove your drum machine. This installer works also for Windows x64 architectures.
Latest version : 2020-08-22
Download orDrumbox Software Drum Machine

apple   Download Binary Mac OSX

On Mac OS X 10.3 and superior from apple:
First try to double click on the downloaded ordrumbox jar file. If it does not works, you should upgrade to the latest java version for OSX.
orDrumbox for OSX is listed on softpedia

tux  Download Binary Linux

You may have to type
"java -jar ordrumbox-gui-0.9.1-42-jar-with-dependencies.jar" in the terminal.
You have to do that in the directory you have downloaded the jar file. May be you shoud add a command
"sudo chmod +x ordrumbox-gui-0.9.1-42-jar-with-dependencies.jar"

Sources Files

It's a GPL2 licence, so sources files are available. You have to be a java developer to use it. A maven file (pom.xml) is included in the root directory.

download ordrumbox sources file ordrumbox-gui-0.9.1-42-sources.jar

download ordrumbox sources file ordrumbox-core-0.9.42-sources.jar

Necessary preconditions

For Windows users, all the files and libraries are included in the setup, the orDrumbox was tested with from Windows XP to WIN 10.

For OSX and Linux users, you need latest JRE Oracle. See java. If java is not yet installed on your computer, Install latest version of java.

For OSX, the orDrumbox-06.02 was tested on Mac OS X 10.3, other versions should work just upgrade java if needed.

For Linux, the orDrumbox-09.37 was tested on Ubuntu Studio 16.04 (LowLatency) and Ubuntu 16.04, other versions should work just upgrade java if needed.


If you experience a bad sound rendering (such as lags or scratch) , you can try to optimize the rendering. So go to the sound settings : settings is the last right button on the main toolbar window and try to activate the 'slow cpu' buttons (see user guide).


Tanks to xucker Japanese documentation of the orDrumbox is available.

This documentation is about an very old version of orDrumbox, but some of the documented basic concepts are still accurate.


The orDrumbox desktop drum machine is distributed as freeware.

Source code is open source. The license for the packages is GPL2. See details: